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    The Network Management Cycle is the underlying philosophy of ITT's research. We believe that this process will ensure networks maintain performance and reliability with minimal effort and expense. The solution creates close links between the logistic and financial sides of network operations, integrating the entire spectrum of network planning and realization tasks - from demand and supply planning to investment and project management, inventory management and asset accounting. By enabling effective collaboration within and beyond the company, Network Lifecycle Management optimizes the way the network infrastructure is managed, streamlining a cost critical part of the business and thus helping to cut costs and optimize investments.
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    Modern networks and applications demand improvements in network performance management practices. The Network Life Cycle (NLC) provides a comprehensive framework against which network managers can make critical decisions, whether in moments of immediate crisis or for long-range planning. The NLC defines a range of needs that require a variety of methodologies and tools for network performance management through Monitoring, Measurement, Assessment and Diagnosis (MMAD). Each phase of the NLC has its own requirements that can typically be met with a judicious selection of tools and assessment solutions. This guide provides critical underpinnings for a successful NLC.
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